With over 10 years of professional and academic research experience, I specialize in the management and implementation of social research projects. For the past 8 years I have worked at the Portland State University Survey Research Lab (SRL) as a Senior Research Assistant. In 2013, I joined the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry‘s (OMSI) Evaluation and Visitor Studies Team, as a Junior Research & Evaluation Associate. OMSI’s Evaluation and Visitor Studies department one of the of the largest internal museum evaluation teams in the country.

At both these institutions, I help manage all phases of qualitative and quantitative research projects (telephone, web, mailed, and intercept surveys, focus groups, key informant in-depth interviews, community-based research, etc.). I have extensive experience in standardized interviewing techniques, knowing how to gather useful un-biased data in an efficient and culturally-sensitive manner. I work collaboratively with project representatives and evaluation teams from state and local governments, universities, museums, and agencies to ensure that all project goals and outcomes are met.

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  1. hi Tiffany,

    This is Jeff Ferrell, the guy who wrote Tearing Down the Streets and Crimes of Style. I just saw the piece you did on Last Dance with Taylor Electric — wonderful account of what must have been a very cool event. Anyway, I’m currently writing a book on drift and drifters, with part of it having to do with how such folks put ruins to use — so I wondered if I could find out more about the Taylor Electric event, and should it work out, if I could get permission to use one of the photos in the drift book. In any case, many thanks and keep up the good work.
    best, jeff ferrell

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