Portland Street Art Alliance


In the fall of 2012, I formed the non-profit organization called Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) with Tomas Valladares (University of Oregon). PSAA aims to activate Portland’s streets by promoting creative interventions in public spaces. We are a network of artists, academics, and professionals who believe vibrant street art is an essential ingredient in building a unique, dynamic, and playful city. By using research, education, networking, and outreach PSAA advocates for a more democratic culture of self-expression in the city.

Advocate. Promote progressive policies that support a culture of free expression.
Research. Compile and collect empirical information regarding the impact of street art.
Educate. Raise awareness on the history and value of creative expression in urban environments.
Network. Provide a platform that facilitates connection, dialogue, and collaboration within the street art community and beyond.
Activate. Engage with people and the urban environment through community actions and interventions aimed at broadening perspectives and opening the possibilities of space.

[Visit PSAA Website]


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