Hope VI: Urban Redevelopment

Anthropology Honors Thesis, University of South Florida, 2005

My undergraduate coursework focused in cultural anthropology, urban sociology, and world religion.

In the Anthropology Honors Program, I assisted with research for an NSF funded project called Hope VI: Assessing the Impact of Urban Redevelopment. This project gathered data on the effects of dislocations on low-income families relocated from public housing projects in downtown Tampa, Florida to an inner-ring suburb. The premise of the HOPE IV program presumes that deconcentrating the poor will provide positive role models, new resources, and accessible amenities to re-located families. My thesis research focus on this presumed ‘social capital.’ Specially, I analyzed the degree to which public housing relocatees were being accepted into their new communities. In-depth interviews showed that homeowners were not welcoming and supportive ties were not being formed. Instead, the relocated families experienced harsh verbal abuse from incumbent residents, who were angry about the shifting demographics in their neighborhood.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Susan Greenbaum (Anthropology)

Poster presentation

About the USF Anthropology Honors Program


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